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Hornby Island Radio

It was a Saturday morning up at the Depot, me and Sheila taking our carefully sorted refuse to be recycled and Phil Bailey, one of the workers and an old friend, said: We miss you on the radio you know. One of the regulars had gone to live in Berlin and does her show as a Podcast. I don’t really know how to do that but I could do a show at home, set up a simple studio and send them to the station by WeTransfer. Or Phil said, you could post them to me. And that’s how it all began, a way to defeat the Pandemic and broadcast music to help people along in these weird times. Every Wednesday for the past couple of years, from Noon until 2:00 Phil has posted my program. Fun, just like the old times back in Toronto.

So if you click on https://hornbyradio.com/dj/jazz-gems-with-bill-smith/ you can hear my dulcet tones once again coming over the air. Feel free to pass it along to anyone interested. The music on Some Other Stuff is of all styles; some jazz, some blues a little bit of soul, all kinds of music to tickle your fancy. It may be a tad slow opening but patience is a virtue. The links are updated on a regular basis – ever changing…

Below is a list of the shows available.

No. 72 – Ella Fitzgerald

No. 74 – Pop Saxophone

No. 75 – Down Memory Lane

No. 76 – Humphrey Lyttelton

No. 77 – New Releases – More Or Less

End Notes:
Photograph by Sheila Macpherson
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