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Number One • An Introduction

There are any number of vocations not completed or realised; as a junior a champion cyclist, in my teenage years a musician and later after being given the opportunity, a writer. I must say in truth that I did little more than flirt with these disciplines. One thing for sure though is that I was a jazz photographer.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, so long ago now, there has been much reassessment, a need for clarification of realities. So with this revelation the decision to concentrate on the visual aspect of my “career” is what’s up next. A regular series of posts, some with text, others not; featuring a selection of photographs from my very large collection. Taken since the sixties to the present. As many as possible not previously published.

Lennie Tristano Quartet: Le Coq d’Or Tavern [1964]
The Le Coq d’Or Tavern was located at 333 Yonge Street, Toronto, Canada

Warne Marsh [tenor sax]; Lennie Tristano [piano]; Sonny Dallas [bass]; Nick Stabulas [drums]

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A recorded sample of this quartet plus Lee Konitz:

End Notes:

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High quality digital copies of the photographs are available by request.