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Every Wednesday a radio program that
I’ve prepared at home is broadcast on Hornby Island radio [CHFR-FM]. A wonderful way, in this current pandemic lock-down, to contribute something useful for the residents of our island, to pass on an hour or two filled with interesting and creative music. It’s unlikely that many residents of the island have knowledge of this wonderful guitarist. So opportunity knocked.

These radio broadcasts are a small contribution for the listener’s pleasure in isolation. Viruses unable to travel on radio waves or the internet.

ust over a month ago
Mark Miller’s book “Of Stars and Strings – A Biography of Sonny Greenwich” arrived in the mail, which, after reading from cover to cover, inspired me to construct the radio show linked below. The end of the book has a full and detailed discography, from which I managed to unearth enough available material from my own collection and downloaded from YouTube to make a two hour show.

“I’m not a working musician,” the legendary Canadian jazz guitarist Sonny Greenwich once declared. “When I decide to play, I play to awake people spiritually. That’s the only reason.”

The easiest way to purchase a copy of “Of Stars and Strings – A Biography of Sonny Greenwich” is through Amazon.com, which offers Kindle, softcover and hardcover versions.

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