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The third in this series of Hornby Island musicians illustrates the diverse styles that exist on our small island. Many are regulars, part of the resident musical milieu for as long as I have lived here. Others, more recently arrived or visitors attracted by the yearly blues gathering in May and Friday night jazz at the pub.


For the most part our musical culture leans toward the traditional, not much room for the avant garde. There have, over the years, been numerous visitors, usually performing for small audiences, including Paul Rutherford, Barry Guy & Maya Homburger, Wolter Weirbos and Han Bennink, the Shuffle Demons among a number of Toronto players on tour, and back in the “old days” surprises such as Lori Freedman and Marilyn Lerner’s Queen Mab featured in the Hornby Island Festival; the festival now trending more to “family values”. Hornby Island is regretfully no longer a refuge from the horrors of the commercial world, now more often branded as a “wedding or vacation destination”.

Since the last post we have been invaded by hoards of tourons, hopefully not bringing the plague with them. So far most have been reasonably polite – we shall see. Our local “Tourist Board” seem bent on encouraging yet more visitors for profit.

These radio broadcasts are a small contribution for the listener’s pleasure in isolation. Viruses unable to travel on radio waves or the internet. Well…

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