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Welcome to the second remotely recorded radio show. This is mainly for the residents of Hornby Island who cannot receive a clear signal from CHFR-FM [96.5] because they live on the wrong side of the mountain. But subscribers who are not island residents are invited to enjoy our variety of local talent.

his edition
is a mix of the talent from among our residents. Unlike the city judgement system, music on the island is applauded simply for it being shared with each other. It’s true that the old-time feeling of years ago when local events, especially at the Joe King Clubhouse, were very much community inspired. Twice a month there was “Sweet Thursday”, an evening of live music concocted almost spontaneously. Most of the bands I was being welcomed into performed popular ditties, their short simple tunes akin to brief annotations, uncluttered by too many adjectives, making it possible for me to join in as a reasonable facsimile.

On the night preceding Sweet Thursday a group of us would congregate at Ken Fisher’s house to casually rehearse the next night’s program. Ken, our star singer, backed by the vocal chorus of three exuberant local ladies, an eclectic electric rhythm section plus two or three saxophonists, could after a couple of beers and a toke or two, cook up a show of pop tunes from the repertoires of the Beatles, Bob Marley, Elvis, James Brown and the odd blues number. Payment for the eventual performance came in the form of free beer and the pleasure of entertaining an uncritical audience dancing the night away.

This post features some of those players involved in those wonderful nights. The other action-packed venue was the Thatch Pub, one never knowing who would arrive on jazz night to sit in with the local band.

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