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On a visit to the recycling depot, Phil Bailey, who works at the Hornby Island radio station, told us how several people were producing programs from home. One as far away as Berlin. So I thought – why not have a go.

ere in my study
I’ve assembled a miniature studio with a portable mixer dug out from my history; a Shure microphone and a desktop microphone stand purchased recently from Amazon for $10. The assembled radio show, created for CHFR Hornby Island radio now sent off to Phil Bailey, was quite a success, plus a great learning experience, delving into the possibilities of the Audacity App. The music chosen is of old friends: Arthur Bull with Gord Bateman recorded in our living room on my iPad last summer, a field recording it might be called; Tony Wilson and myself, duets from back in 2001 [Learning New Tricks] and various Peter Huron music, some with Jim Munro others with Celtic Works. All mates and mostly locals. A revival of Some Other Stuff. The first show, not too adventurous – just an hour in length. Filling time in these weird days. I shall continue this project with more Hornby Island music.

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