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Ode To Life

Originally broadcast on Hornby Island Radio [CHFR 96.5 FM] July 3/2016.
The second of an ongoing series of broadcasts from an imaginary piano lounge situated at Joe King Ball Park. Click on the arrow and off we go…


The initial posting on September 30th was an attempt [failed I fear] to make it appear as though all these great musicians were performing for your pleasure in our lounge. This issue returns to the more familiar format of a radio show. Though still in my personal style of deejaying.



This post features the music of Keith Jarrett, Paul Bley, Charles Mingus, Jobic Le Masson, Chick Corea, Don Pullen, Andrew Hill, Cecil Taylor. Solos, duets and trios.

End Notes:

The poster is from a series of concerts we promoted in the fall of 2009 at Joe King Clubhouse, that were often in tandem with art shows, which in this case included the musings of poet Jamie Reid. [April 10, 1941 – June 25, 2015], Michael Hornsby paintings and a selection my jazz photographs.

Jobic Le Masson [http://jobic.lemasson.free.fr/home/main.html]
Jamie Reid [http://www.jamiereid.org]
Bill Smith Photography [http://vancouverjazz.com/billsmith/photo/]
Michael Hornsby [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g85lv1PkajQ]

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