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This program was originally broadcast on Sunday, February 7th, 2016 on
Hornby Island Radio – CHFR-FM – 96.5



Normally “Classical Hornby Island” has been rooted in the idea of classical music being music from long past, back in centuries when none of us existed, before recorded music, so approximations of what it might have really sounded like is our access.

This program – my first as a guest host on Classical Hornby – is the music of the brilliant composer Frank Zappa who passed into the spirit world on December 4th, 1993. He was a self-taught composer who while in his teens aquired a taste for 20th-century classical composers such as Edgar Varese, Igor Stavinsky and Anton Webern.

The music of Frank Zappa is performed by Ensemble Modern, the London Symphony Orchestra and Ensemble InterContemporain.

Previous radio shows can be heard at http://rantanddawdle.ca/category/on-the-radio/ 

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