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Charles Mingus • Beneath The Underdog
Part 1 of a 2 part series

Original broadcast – Sunday, January 10th/2016
on Hornby Island Radio – CHFR-FM – 96.5

Mingus & Hampton



Fats Navaro

End Notes:

Charles Mingus • Beneath The Underdog – His world as composed by MINGUS.

First published in 1971, by Alfred A. Knopf. Still available from a different publisher.


“In other words I am three. One man stands forever in the middle, unconcerned, unmoved, watching, waiting to be allowed to express what he sees in the other two. The second man is like a frightened animal that attacks for fear of being attacked. Then there’s an over-loving gentle person who lets people into the uttermost sacred temple of his being and he’ll take insults and be trusting and sign contracts without reading them and get talked down to working cheap or for nothing, and when he realizes what’s being done to him he feels like killing and destroying everything around him including himself for being so stupid. But he can’t — he goes back inside himself”. “Which one is real”.  “They’re all real”.

Photograph of Fats Navarro by William Gottlieb [http://www.jazzphotos.com]

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