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Ornette Coleman • Lonely Woman

Part 2 of a 4 Part Series
Originally broadcast on Sunday, July 19th/2015
Hornby Island Radio – CHFR-FM – 96.5


This – Part 2 of the 4 Part series celebrating the music of Ornette Coleman – was technically a difficult two hours, the equipment not behaving and me thinking I could broadcast a complete program using an iPod as the source. Nothing from the world of Steve Jobs is that simple, this machine a wonder for wandering about in the sunshine listening to recorded music, isolated from the world with earphones, but as a set up for a broadcast – rubbish. Each selection always wanting to continue to the next, no setting for single plays. Oh well there is always the opportunity to edit before posting on Rant & Dawdle. So this posting has the numerous glitches removed, my inability to stop and start each piece, touch the tiny screen with my elderly shaking fingers, modified, appearing that I am a more skilled operator than in reality I am.

Freda PayneOld And New Drems

Old & New Dreams

Old & New Dreams • Photograph William E. Smith

This program features various musicians performing Ornette’s wonderful compositions. The vocalists Freda Payne and Radka Toneff [author of the lyrics]; Don Cherry, Charlie Haden and Edward Blackwell as a trio and with John Coltrane and Dewey Redman; clarinetist Pee Wee Russell; a tribute from Joe McPhee; the Dutch Quartet of Eric Boeren; the French trio of Doudou Gouirand and Canada represented by the duet of Paul Plimley and Lisle Ellis and my own ensemble featuring David Prentice & David Lee.

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