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The History of Jazz featuring the humour of Shorty Petterstein, Steve Allen, Al Jazzbo Collins, the poetry of Jack Kerouac with the music of Al Cohn and Zoot Sims plus Charlie Parker.


Some Other Stuff
Original Broadcast
February 9th/2014
Hornby Radio CHFR-FM – 96.5



It’s unclear how I decided in 1963 for Canada to become my new home. There are a handful of possibilities including a jazz friend, one Carey Williams, who had spent some time working in Toronto and was knocked-out by the city’s jazz scene. Carey, something of a hipster himself, was fond of reciting the humorous lyrics of Al “Jazzbo” Collins, a disc jockey who rewrote famous nursery rhymes, the stories of “Little Red Riding Hood” and “The Three Little Pigs” coming to mind, reinventing them as far-out bebop stories. Both were originally released on an old Brunswick long-playing record and have been rediscovered through the miracle of the internet. Downloadable even.

Heisting these hip nursery rhymes could put me in jeopardy, cause me to be investigated by the FBI. You’ve seen the warnings at the beginning of the rented videos threatening life imprisonment, a $500,000 fine, hunting you down for even sharing it with your next door neighbour. Well the same applies to recordings when they are illegally downloaded from the web.

The cartoon is from a series created for the First Edition, the Hornby Island monthly newpaper, under the nom de plume Colston Willmott.