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Welcome to Rant & Dawdle a website that focusses on my interest in music and literature; to post events, reviews, photographs, radio programs and recorded music that I have in some way been involved with.

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The site is divided into six sections:

Chronicles – Revisiting people, music and times, some memories and favourite conversations.

Photographs – Pictures from my abundant files of jazz and blues artists, plus never before seen photographs from here on the west coast.

Films – Check out my latest adventure into short film. This could be the start of something new!

Stories – Access to my two latest books. An extract from “Rant & Dawdle”, and a complete downloadable version of my current book “Spirits Rejoice” just a click away.

Recordings – Digitalised recordings of out-of print long-playing records.

On The Radio – Broadcasts from Hornby RadioCHFR-FM 96.5.

Brief Encounters – I’ve no intention of becoming a reviewer, making outlandish claims of knowledgeable perfection, just more stories, personal opinions formed from listening, watching, and generally being enamoured by the brilliance of a variety of wonderful artists.

Please join me in this adventure and pass this on to any friend you feel might be interested.

Thank you

William E. (Bill) Smith – aka Colston Willmott

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