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I wait to see the fallen heroes arise. Duke is there, forever sacred. And Monk, looking down, adjusting his hat, with a smile.

Some Other Stuff – Bill Smith
The World Of Cecil Taylor – Part Two (1966 – 2008)
CHFR Radio on Hornby Island 96.5 FM Band


Jumpin’ Jack Flash
could never move
this fast
Lithe Eloquent Gazelle
Messiah unaffixed
to wooden beam
Fingers exploding
two tone ebony


Cecil Taylor with saxophonist Jimmy Lyons, drummers Andrew Cyrille, Rashid Bakr & Tony Oxley, trumpeter Bill Dixon, cellist Tristan Honsinger and bassists Henry Grimes, Alan Sylva, Sirone and William Parker.

Poetic quotes from Imagine The Sound – Photographs and Writings By Bill Smith (The Book) (Nightwood Editions 1985 – ISBN 0-88971-103-8).

Photograph of Cecil Taylor on the set of Image The Sound ( The Movie) by Bill Smith.